Saturday, November 13, 2010


We arrived in Yuma at about 3:10 (he, he) and checked into the Cocopah RV Resort. I have mixed feelings about the place. It is wide open to the desert so it is often windy and dusty but we like it because we have friends living here.

We set up and then walked over to Muff and Val's to see if they were here only to find them hosting "Happy Hour" for a couple of friends. We have known Muff and Val since the 60's and they are the kind of friends that you can see every year or or two (two in this case) and feel like you have never been apart. They are usually so busy with their golf here it is hard to get together with them so we were lucky.

Carl and Gina, our neighbors from Montana invited us to the "Potato Party" Monday night where everyone brings a potato topper and a desert or salad. It should be fun and Dave and Sharon, our friends from Washington State, will be there as well so I can give him the six pack of Canadian beer I owe him for forwarding a package from the USA to us in the spring. Dave and Sharon always seemed to end up beside us in previous years here in Cocopah but have now bought a park model in another part of town.

I am going to keep these posts short so as not to abuse Gina and Carl's Internet connection that she is so kindly sharing with me. My Virgin Broadband does not seem to work here in Yuma and my friend Rod investigated for himself and discovered they have no 3G coverage in Yuma so that would explain it.


  1. I know my Sprint aircard was real slow last time I was in Yuma, but I was hoping that since that was two years ago they had done some upgrading, I guess not.

    And down by Cocopah it was non-existent.

  2. I forget if you have a Kindle? You have everything else ;-) Hard to believe no 3G in Yuma. Weather reports?

  3. Oh yes - 3:10 in Yuma - Croft do you serve up a dance with that snappy patter?

  4. No Kindle John. It one of the things on my "Maybe" list. No more used books or borrowing books with it so it is a mixed blessing for me.