Monday, November 29, 2010

The “Other” Roswell – Del Rio, TX

We are parked in a Walmart in Del Rio, TX. We asked permission to stay for the night and the greeter told us, “You can stay here just as long as you like”! Now that is Texas hospitality! Another interesting thing about Del Rio:

In 1955, Colonel Robert B. Willingham, US Air Force spotted and briefly followed a UFO on the USA – Mexico border near Del Rio, TX. His report says the craft was flying erratically and wobbling before it crashed into the Mexican bank of the Rio Grande River directly across from Langtry. It is a very interesting story that can be read here.

He and another flier returned to the scene in a small aircraft and landed. He was only allowed a brief glimpse inside the craft before being ordered away by Mexican Army personnel who were guarding the area before turning it over to USA forces. He says he saw three bodies inside. The (now 84 year old) retired aviator said the beings he saw fit the common description of UFO occupants with large heads, slit-like mouths, and arms "like broomsticks”. They did not appear to be wearing any clothing.


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