Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Friend In Mexico

This is exactly the kind of news I do not like to report! Our friend Les entered Mexico yesterday and spend his first night in Mexico in a Pemex station at what he thought was a safe distance away from the border. Not so! He was robbed at gunpoint not long after he parked. One man pounded on the door while another shoved a gun through a window screen and demanded money.

Les keeps a "throw away" wallet in plain sight with a couple of hundred pesos (+/- $20) and a very low limit credit card in it so this is what the robbers got, not his real wallet with much more cash. Les used to be a cop in London and Bermuda so he was able to remain calm through the ordeal. They grabbed the wallet and took off in a black car.

Les quickly moved to the front of the station for the rest of the night and in the morning discovered his wallet shoved under the windshield wiper. He has no idea if the robbers came back with it or if someone found it on the ground and returned it. The cash was gone but everything else was still there including the credit card.

You can read Les' report here:

We are happy he is safe and is not letting the experience dampen his enthusiasm for Mexico!


  1. Croft, I made a comment on Willy's blog on this so I won't duplicate it here. Something of this nature could occur in any big city area of the US or Canada. I will still however remain stateside until there is a big change in the drug situation south of the border.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Croft - Total bummer - as Sam says - it could happen anywhere in North America (or South for that matter ;-)

    However that written it is a dangerous and unsettling thing. I too keep a "fake" wallet although I am hoping I never have to fork it over under those circumstances.

    Where did your friend cross into Mexico and about where was he?

  3. He crossed at Nogales and was 495 miles down the highway. Not sure exactly where.