Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm A Virgin!

Virgin Broadband To Go that is. After checking every Walmart, Radioshack and Best Buy from Olympia to Eugene, OR for a Virgin MIFI device, I had to settle for the Virgin Internet stick. We are in a Walmart parking lot just south of Eugene and I am getting a 2to bars out of five signal with it. The big thing is, I AM connected!

I bought the device but when I was setting it up and got to the payment page, their system would not accept a non-USA credit card! I ran back to the Radioshack and bought a prepaid card which it refused to accept. I called tech support and after only about two minutes I talked to a real live person who fixed the problem. It seems the system was locked in credit card mode for me and would not let me change to prepaid card.

I think I am in a bit of a fringe area as it is a little slow but I can live with it. A commenter warned me that the stick is easily damaged if it is inserted into a USB port but I got around that by using a short cable that came with my Mexican Telcel device. It gives me just enough length that I can hang the device in the window where the signal is a little better. So far, so good. $79 for the device and $40 per month with unlimited bandwidth!

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