Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cheap Oil Change

We stopped in the same WalMart as last year in Anderson, CA. We put the motorhome in line for a lube and oil and went right in. I got a full synthetic oil change (6 quarts), lube and new wiper blades installed for $65! While they were doing it I went into the store to find some of the nice Merlot wine we had with our neighbors on Sunday night and found it had been "Rolled Back" to $1.98 per bottle. Recognizing a bargain, I bought six and a six bottle wine carrier for another $1.

We are parked in their lot overnight and eating some frozen dinners we bought in the same store. Call me cheap…

 We are also getting about six off air digital channels here. Norma will be watching Dancing With The Stars to see if Sarah Palin's daughter finally gets kicked off!

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