Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Upgraded

We decided to upgrade from Walmart to a casino tonight. We are parked in a windstorm between San Bernardino and Palm Springs behind the Morongo Casino and Resort. There is a nice free RV parking area here a short walk to the casino. We played slots for a couple of hours, me ending $4 down and Norma $30 down. Not a great start to the evening.

We then decided to go to the 27th floor lounge for a glass of wine before we got some dinner. Norma ordered a glass of house Chardonnay and I a glass of house Merlot. It was a good thing we only had one because the bill was $30! Fifteen dollars a glass for wine not as good as the $1.97 a bottle stuff we bought at Walmart the other day! I guess we were paying for the ambiance or whatever! They can take their ambiance and.... Whatever.

We are back in the motorhome with a pot of coffee and three English channels off the air. It is quite chilly as well as windy so we will be passing right through Palm Springs tomorrow heading for Yuma.

Update: We had a great sleep here last night. It is far enough off the highway to be very quiet and the RV parking is far away from the regular parking lots so there was no traffic. It is 8:30 am and we are getting ready for the 150 mile drive to Yuma.


  1. $15 a glass? Now you know how they can offer free RV parking, eh? A good thing you didn't have 2 burgers in that joint as well...

    "Your bill comes to $74.83, sir".

    - Rob

  2. Yes, we found a much cheaper place to eat! I will have to start asking prices here in the USA. I thought by asking for the "house" wine I would be safe. Not so.

  3. Ouch - incredible - we hate to pay 40 pesos for cheap house wine - we would NOT fit in.

    Following along.

    Oh we are heading to Puerto Escondido Tuesday. Stay Tuned for that.