Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is Roly's brother Charlie. Charlie is quite a character and makes his living as an artist. many years ago Charlie was serving his mandatory two years service in the Cuban Military. He soon decided he did not like this form of employment so he stole a row boat and headed for Miami. He misjudged the tide and wind and did not take enough food and water so he had to sit back and await the Cuban Navy. He was picked up, charged with theft of the row boat and promptly had his butt thrown into jail.

He served his time and soon was a free man, sharing the top floor of their parent's old house with Roly. Charlie speaks excellent English and has actually written a great seven page paper on the use and pronounciation of Spanish. I would be pleased to share this paper with anyone who would like a copy. His son (also Charlie) is in Canada, working in Stewart, BC, one of my old haunts when we lived in Terrace.
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