Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maintenance Day

Today was the day to get a couple of things done. We have had problems with both the crank up windows in the bedroom. We called Camping World in Oregon who gave us a price of $160 per window to repair them. That was too much so we carried on. In Yuma we called CJ's who came out to the park yesterday to have a look. One window they fixed by lubricating the workings but the other was seized right up, probably through exposure to the salt air at home. They found the proper part and came back today to install it. It was not quite the right part but they drilled a couple more mounting holes and it worked. The cost was a much more reasonable $85.

Then Norma talked to Roadrunner RV Washing who came over to give the rig a wash and a hand wax. They gave the rubber roof a UV treatment, washed everything and then hand rubbed in a coat of Meguiars Wax. It took three guys about two hours and they charged us $95. Considering the amount of products they used, it was a reasonable price.

We leave Cocopah tomorrow morning and have an appointment for a generator service at noon in the east part of town. We will then drive towards Casa Grande and hopefully a visit with our friends Bob and Donna Donnelly.

The good news is, it looks like we will have Virgin 3G coverage tomorrow night!


  1. Say hi to Bob for me. He was the pres when Tom Stanley pointed me at CT&S for the best job I could ever have hoped for......except maybe the one I've got now :)

  2. Good price on the wash and wax. I bet it looks good!

  3. Rod, Yes, we both ended up in a great job but nothing to compare with retirement - pension thanks to bob Donnelly!

    Chris, nos vemos en Texas, mis amigos