Friday, November 19, 2010

On to Casa Grande

We said our good-by's and pulled out of Cocopah a little after 10 this morning. A great bunch of people but I need a couple of days to dry out! "Happy Hour" at Cocopah starts at three and goes until about seven! After doing this for six out of the last seven days, I needed a break.

We got to the Onan generator service place for our eleven o'clock appointment and went shopping while they did their thing. We were not having any problems with the generator (that we knew of) so we just ordered an oil and air filter change as well as to check the frequency and voltage.

We got back and talked to the repairman who told us that the generator was running a little slow which meant it was not putting out the full power it was capable of. He adjusted that and told us the air filter was pretty clogged and did not look like it had been changed last time which was a big no-no. He changed that filter and tested the set by using it to run the A/C and microwave at the same time and it worked! We have never been able to run both at the same time and when I questioned the place in Campbell River that serviced it last time, I was told I could not expect that from my 4KW unit. Obviously that guy either did not know what he was talking about or did not know how to set the generator up.

I told him I ran the generator for at least one hour per month and he told me to change that to 1 1/2 hours every three weeks and to have it serviced every 18 months or every 150 hours, whichever comes first. If you want a good job done in Yuma, call the "Service Depot" on Shortway off 32nd Avenue near 3E. The service cost me $139.

We pulled into the Walmart in Casa Grande only to see "No Overnight Parking" signs. We asked at Customer service and were told to go ahead and park for the night. It was good we did not have to move on because we are dead tired after the last week.

Oh yes, my Virgin Broadband works here!

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  1. Hi Croft and Norma,
    We were in Casa Grande on Thursday night and noticed the sign too at wallmart. So we went to Staples were we could pick up wireless internet too, but at 10pm security knocked on our door and we were kicked out of the lot. Had to move 300 yards to a dirt lot!! We were already in bed and asleep (jetlag). After Friday shopping in CG we drove 20 minutes to Coolidge and spent the nigth at the walmart there. Unfortunately i spillt some water on our laptop and certain letters are actingt funny.
    gthis \is wahyagt igt looks like whyen I don nogtgtingt abougt igt...