Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Loneliest Highway

They say Nevada’s Highway 50 is the loneliest highway in the USA but I think Texas 90 would give Nevada a good run for the title! For the first hundred miles or so I don’t think we came across more that twenty other vehicles going in either direction.

My friend Don from Parump, NV warned me to keep the gas tank topped up but his advice came too late. We stopped for breakfast at Van Horn, where we turned off I-10 to head for Big Bend country. After breakfast we looked for gas stations and found two, both too small for me to get into and out of easily. We looked at the map and saw there was one town about 30 miles away and another 55 miles away. We had well over a quarter of a tank and thought there would be no problem. Thirty miles down the road we came to Valentine. It was about three blocks long with a boarded up gas station and grocery store. The only business that seemed to be open was a dentist office.

Next came the small town of Ryan. It too had no gas station! We finally arrived at Marfa and found gas. Good thing because my "fuel" light was beginning to flicker! In El Paso regular gas was $2.55 but at Marfa it was $3.08! I thought it would be cheaper further on so I only bought $75 worth. A little further on it was $3.24! We carried on to Alpine and topped it off for $2.99. The price stayed high all the way to Del Rio where it dropped down to $2.69 where it stayed all the way to Laredo.

Texas Highway 90:
Highway 90

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