Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Street Scenes

I put a 16 Gig memory card into my Nikon D200 for the Havana trip and almost half filled it with 900+ photos on the two day Havana trip alone. Before we left Cuba I transferred the photos to the computer and gave the card to Roly as it fits his Canon 50D and will replace the limited capacity 2 Gig card he has been working with. This will give him much more flexibility in his wedding photography business. I am making do with my "old" 8 Gig card.

Roly is an excellent guide if anyone is planing on making this trip. The photos he takes are part of his services if you have a way to copy and save them.

Photo 2)  Right at the corner of Plaza de Armas in Old Havana is a small church surrounded by colonial style steel fences, at the left corner from the main entrance grows a large old tree. This is a special good luck tree. Cubans believes that if you walk three times around the tree, it will bring you luck and prosperity. I did this myself with Roly and am patiently awaiting my luck.

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