Thursday, November 25, 2010

If This Is Thursday This Must Be Texas...

We arrived in El Paso late yesterday and checked into the Mission RV Park. This is where we stayed for a couple of weeks three years ago while we waited for repairs of the old motorhome and eventually bought the new one. We are going to try to buy cowboy boots for Brooks and Linda with only foot measurements so that will be fun. There is a Tony Lama factory here as well as several factory outlets so we will try there tomorrow.

We are right across the border from Juarez, MX and we have yet to hear any gunfire or feel any bullets smacking into the rig. Maybe the situation has been exaggerated a little?

There is lots to see around here and maybe we will get a chance to experience some of it. At the very lest least I want to visit Rosa's Cantina. Maybe Marty Robins will drop in for a Lone Star Beer with me.


  1. remember three years ago we walked across for glasses? And then that incredible steak house, enjoy!!! les

  2. Welcome to (almost) NM. We live along I-40. You drove by our house last year (well-towed) on the way to ABQ. 2 years ago we went to Juarez also. Walked around the Mercados and had a good time. We finally ate (at the kids choice) at a fine Mexican establishment ... Peter Piper Pizza. :) Love reading your posts. Have a wonderful winter!

  3. Croft,
    I've given my husband my traced foot on cardboard and he found ski boots for me many years ago (when I didn't care how my boots fit).
    I'm missing your blogs from Mexico but still enjoying.

  4. Hi Kelly! I would sure like to hear your impressions of Cuba on your trip there. Email me!

  5. Croft you are right where my new scooters is! I wish somehow you could pick it up for me ;-)

    I guess I will be there soon enough - however we are enjoying the weather here a lot right now.

  6. Is the situation exaggerated? We are in San Miguel de Allende. Have been in Mexico for 6 days now, and haven't seen a single head rolling by the motorhome. Definitely an increase in the presence of Federal Police though, which we don't mind at all.

    And yes, Croft...I LOVE my new TelCel internet stick. Don't know how we survived without it last time!