Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cochise County

We are parked in Benson, AZ at the Cochise Terrace RV Park. We checked out all the Passport America parks as we approached Benson and decided on this one as the best amenities for the money. It was listed as $35 per night and the Passport America price being $17.50, a bargain.

When we checked in however we were told the price had changed to $55 per night with passport America paying $27.50, not so much of a bargain. We paid for three nights but next time we will call ahead and confirm prices. Member parks seem to be allowed to change prices on a whim.

From here we will explore Tombstone and Bisbee with the Honda as both are within a 45 mile side trip south. It is chilly here as we are at 3500 feet altitude. I have the furnace set at 60 degrees and it was kicking in and out all night. Tonight I will plug in our little electric heater to save propane.

The story of Cochise is one you should read. He fought with honor against Spain, Mexico and then the USA and was never defeated. He died in 1874 at the age of 69, a victim of natural causes (probably cancer). He is buried in his beloved Cochise Stronghold, Dragoon Mountains. The actual location of his grave was taken by his friends to their graves.

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