Monday, March 22, 2010

Arco Norte From The East

We drove the new Arco Norte from Puebla to Queretaro today. When we got to the toll booth on 150D just west of Puebla I asked the toll guy where the Arco Norte started. He told me “quatro kilometres and turn right”. Click on all photos to enlarge. Photo quality is poor as most were taken blindly out the windshield and cropped down from wide angle.


We counted off the kilometres and sure enough, there was this sign:


Followed by this one:


And this exit. As you can see, this sign is a little ambiguous. HWY 75D is the key:


Soon you will come to the Toll Booth where you will get an electronic card (look up high for the card dispenser):


It is now official!


At the Queretaro exit the nice lady took the card, scanned it and charged us $450 pesos for about 150 Kilometres of great highway. Since we came down in January, they have opened a Pemex station in each direction. They are at KM 162, near the Puebla end of the route.

The pushpin location is not exact, but it is close.

Map picture


  1. Excellent description and photos. I hope we will be taking it soon this year. thanks

  2. Good reference photo's Croft.I travelled it 4 times this past winter and still missed that turn off once.

  3. I have wished for this type of help for many years, and with the permission of the author, I would like to forward the link on to at least one non-profit web site.

  4. Well done Croft. We tend to come south, down the middle, and the Arco Norte, but will probably go north that way one day too.

  5. Man that is a chunk of money for less than 100 miles. Glad you are contributing to the Mexican economy in any case amigo!

  6. No problem David, link away! Here id the post I made when we came from the other direction:

    Feel free to link to this one as well.

  7. Thank you very much for posting this. I make this drive almost every year and not driving through DF is well worth the toll! I'll be on that road in the next couple of weeks.