Friday, March 26, 2010

Matahuala To Saltillo

Highway 57 travels from Matahuala to Saltillo, taking us through some beautiful country. I really love this part of Mexico. The foliage changes often as we change altitude and much of the way we saw acres of blooming cactus. The tall stems had what looked like bunches of white flowers on top of them and along the side of the road people were selling these blossoms. They are not that impressive by themselves so they must have fruit or something that is the attraction. We did not stop to look or to buy any.

We decided to stay at the Hotel Imperial RV Park on the north side of Saltillo. The park is in a fairly busy part of town and can be approached from only one direction so the instructions are fairly complicated to find the entrance. Once we were in however, we found a beautiful setting. It is very quiet back where the RV park is situated. We set up the StarChoice and met our neighbors, another BC couple on their way home.

We contacted our Monterrey friends, Chris and Juan, and they are coming to visit us this afternoon, after which we will all go out for dinner. They are staying in the hotel and will leave early tomorrow for another engagement they have back in Monterrey. We will stay here for another day or two and explore downtown a bit. We are delaying the inevitable crossing into the USA and the final trip home.

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  1. Hi Croft & Norma:
    I'm following your travels and wonder if next year you could post a little map on the blog that pinpoints where you are. I've seen it on other blogs and it helps the followers to keep track of where you are. Easy to do? We are now in Yuma and have decided if we had to stay here for a winter we'd just stay home! We miss Mexico!