Monday, March 8, 2010

Quiet Day

Today was a quiet day. We laid around, made a shopping list and found the Mega store. I have been trying to replenish my eye drop prescription for two weeks now but all the pharmacias I have asked at were out of it. I did manage to find it at the pharmacia on Isle Mujeres but the price was much too high. In Canada I paid about $35 for a month’s worth and in Mexico they are two months worth for the same $35 CAN. A great half price deal but only if you can find them. Mexico has great drug prices and you do not need a prescription for most drugs. Mega had the eye drops!

We got our groceries and headed home. We passed a little palapa restaurant and stopped in. I had a medium sized cameron coctil and Norma had their fixed price lunch. Hers was a chicken/beef fajita with rice and fried bananas for $40 pesos and there was enough for two meals. Mine was a milkshake size glass full of delicious shrimp in a tomato clam sauce! Delicious and $65 pesos.

We got back to the motorhome with the intention of putting the groceries away and then driving further up the road to a public beach for a swim but after putting the groceries away the sky clouded over and the wind came up. So here we are, eating scrambled eggs for dinner and watching TV.

Tomorrow we head towards Merida with maybe a stop at Chichen Itza to buy some items. I doubt if I will bother with the ruins again this year but there were some nice handicraft shops on the way into town that we remembered from last year. We have a short list of things to buy.

We may or may not spend a night there and then it will be on to Merida and a visit with Jonna and Mimi of the “Blah… blah… blah… Ginger!” Blog. We met these two interesting women last year but missed an opportunity to see their house. Jonna emailed me today to see if we were stopping in Merida and to be sure to call them and that we shall do.

We are officially on the way home!

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