Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Day At Isla Aguada

We drove to Cudad del Carmen today for groceries and cash. The route there takes us over a very long bridge across the entrance to the Laguna de Terminos. Back in the days of pirates, this laguna was used as a refuge for the pirates. After they plundered Campeche or Champoton, they would make a run down the coast to Isla Aguada where they would sail into the laguna with their shallow draught vessels, hotly pursued by the Spanish. The Spanish Galleons were too large to sail into the shallow laguna after them so the pirates could sit and thumb their noses at the Spanish while safe and sound in their refuge!

The Bridge and the Laguna:

DSC_0982 DSC_0981

After the drive we went over to the restaurant where we had another great meal, entertained by the most charming little one year, eight month old girl whose name translates to “Shining Light”. Her and her parents are visiting from Mexico City.

Croft’s Red Snapper Dinner, before and after:

DSC_0986 DSC_0987

The Cook with his masterpiece:



  1. Hey Guys,
    I check out your blog almost every day. I'm stuck in Canada recuperating from an operation so I wasn't able to make it to Freedom Shores this year but I will be back next year for sure. Say hi to Jesus, Matilde, Pinky, and everybody. You guys sure know how to have fun. Have a cold beer for me.!
    Mmmm red snapper...


    Steve Unger

  2. Hey Steve! It is just not the same here without you! No Happy Hours! Not the same without Bill here either so we hope to catch both of you next year. Glad to see you are following our misadventures. We still love Mexico!

    BTW, I lost your email. send a note to

  3. Croft that red snapper looks scrumptious amigo - fun to have you over in our direction soon.