Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dinner Out

Last night we went downtown to the El Langostino Restaurant. This eatery is highly rated by The Lonely Planet Guide to Mexico. It is located on a narrow street about two blocks from the water. As soon as we were seated and drink orders taken a waiter brought over a platter with all of the nights specials on it. There were the largest lobster tails I have ever seen as well as crab legs and a plate with twenty four large shrimp. The prices were written on a slip of paper beside each dish. Everything looked delicious but most of it was a little expensive. The lobster tails were $750 and $700 pesos respectively, the large crab legs were $400 and the smaller ones $350. The camerones were $280. The camerones (24 of them) would be a good deal for two people. I ended up ordering garlic shrimp and got eight large camerones for $150. Norma had the pepper steak. The house wine was from Chile and was good for $40 pesos a glass filled to the brim. We met a nice couple from Oregon there and managed to share a conversation between mouthfuls! They have spent many winters in Mexico and she would like to start her own Blog.

DSC_0953 DSC_0954

Garlic Shrimp!


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