Monday, March 29, 2010

Stocking Up

We went down to HEB Grocery today to stock up on some stuff we want to take home. We bought some canned salsas and raw sugar as well as a few other things we can't get in Canada. We are well stocked with Mexican coffee already.

At the Farmacia I bought six months worth of Xalatan eye drops for $170 pesos ($14 CAN) per month which is about a third of the $38 I pay at home. I tried to find some generic Lipitor but ended up with the brand name for $660 Pesos ($55 CAN) per month compared to over $90 at home. I can buy generic from India so I just bought two months worth to tide me over. The price for the generic Lipitor from India is $12 CAN per month, a very significant savings.

I save where I can. I may need the money for my old age.

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