Saturday, March 13, 2010

Telcel 3G Renewal

My month is up for the Telcel 3G card. I was allowed 3GB of data transfer and used under 2GB and this included a full online reinstall of Open Office. The 30 days is up tomorrow so we went down to the Telcel office to renew. It is not easy to manoeuvre through Carlos Slim’s empire. 1) You enter the building and stand in line at the registration desk. There you explain what you want and are given a slip of paper to take to an agent. 2) You then go and stand in line until an agent (again one who spoke a little English!) comes free and signals you. She does whatever it is you need, gives you another piece of paper which you 3) take to the caja (cash) desk where you join another line to see a cashier. The cashier takes your money and gives you a receipt which you 4) take back to the agent who is waiting for your return, regardless of how long the line is waiting for an agent, she waits for you. The agent then completes the transaction and, in my case, explained that I must send a text message to a particular number to activate my extra time. This text message must be sent within 24 hours of my time expiring I went today because I thought it expired tomorrow. I was wrong and it expires the day after tomorrow so she could not activate the account. I must do it myself and I hope I can navigate through the Spanish involved. I will attempt this sometime after 12:35 tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, Telcel’s Carlos Slim had a very good year and made $15 Billion personal income last year. This puts him ahead of Bill Gates and he is now officially the richest man in the world with a personal fortune of $57 Billion or something. At this point numbers become meaningless!

The additional 15 days Internet I purchased cost me $300 pesos so I am happy to have contributed to Carlos Slim’s campaign to top Bill Gates.

Well, I sent my text message and got an immediate response in Spanish saying something like the new time will commence after the old time expires. This better mean I will still have a connection after 12:35…

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