Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saltillo To Laredo

Yesterday was the big day! We got up fairly early (8:00, early for us!) and started getting ready to leave. We found Mex 40 and headed out. It was nice toll road all the way. We filled up the motorhome and Honda at a Pemex near the border and got receipts for both showing the license numbers. This is to make getting our vehicle insurance rebates a little easier. We have proof that we were in Mexico up to March 30.

We got to the Mexican side of the border and turned in our FMT visas and canceled the temporary import certificate on the Honda. The motorhome has another eight years on it so we left everything in place.

We then crossed the bridge and went through USA Customs. Here things got a little different than last year. Back then we were directed to the truck crossing so that is where we headed. After waiting in line we were told that we had to turn around and go through with the passenger cars. We did that and barely squeezed through with about an inch to spare on each side. We showed our passports and were sent to the secondary inspection. There we were asked to open all bins and doors and the dog came in to have a sniff. It took him about five minutes to decide we had nothing that interested him and we were sent on our way.

We checked into the Lake Casablanca State Park close to Laredo at about $24 per night. It is a beautiful park with all hookups except sewer but there is a dump available. We will stay here two nights while we walk over to Mexico to buy glasses.

The weather is great. It is 60 degrees at 8:00 AM and will soon be 80! There are lots of birds around and we woke up to their songs. Well, that and the steady blasting of the propane canons at the nearby airport.

We went out last night to the local Olive Garden where I had the “all the soup and salad you can eat for $9.50” deal. It was very good. I have missed the Olive Garden!

Well, time to get ready to head back to Mexico for the day…


  1. Doesn't sound like customs was too much of a problem for you. You must look really honest, or maybe it's Norma! LOL

    Hope you have a safe trip in the USA.

  2. No Question, it is Norma! They don't want to tangle with HER!