Thursday, March 18, 2010

To Get North, You Drive South

Directions are a little different here on the Yucatan. The coast of the Gulf Of Mexico curves to the South so as we drove today the GPS told me we were heading South West. We were headed for Isla Aguada and the Freedom Shores RV Park but stopped for a bite to eat in the little shrimping village of Champoton. It is a neat little town but difficult to explore as the highway going through it is narrow and busy with no place to park the motorhome and the side streets are very narrow and congested.

We stopped a little past town where there was a shelter set up that was being used to repair shrimp nets and a portable Coctil Stand was selling seafood coctils. I could not pass this by. These dishes are much different that you get in the USA and Canada. They are light and fresh and the sauce is much thinner than we get up north. I ordered a Grande Coctil, Camerone y Pulpa, por favor. That is a large shrimp and octopus cocktail. He made it right in front of me and pulled a plastic table over for us to sit at. It was delicious! Ice cold and the seafood “cracked” in your mouth. We shared it (me 95%, Norma 5%) while nibbling on the plate of tortilla chips it came with. The charge was $50 pesos, or about $4.50 CAN.

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