Sunday, March 14, 2010

Telcel 3G Confusion

The month was about to expire on my Telcel service so I went down to buy another two weeks to get us out of the country. All went well as I bought a $300 peso, 1.5GB package that would last until the end of the month. The agent set it up and gave me a number and code I had to text within 24 hours of the end of my service to activate the new time.

Well I sent the text message and assumed all was well. 12:35 the next day came and went and I still had Internet. At sometime around 5:00 it was gone! No Internet! What happened? It was too late to do anything about it so I waited until they opened at 10:00 this morning and drove down to the office.

I explained my problem (no Internet) to the agent and she looked up my account and informed me that I had no service as the month was up. I went through it again and she looked at it closer. “I see the problem”, she said. “You activated the new time before the 24 hours. Our computer assumed you wanted to add $300 worth of bandwidth to the account that was about to expire. That is what we did and it expired shortly after.” “Why would I do that?” asked I. “Lots of people do that if they decide to download some large files or send some videos or photos.” “Well you can see I did not do that. That $300 pesos was to be used to extend my time by 15 days.” “I know”, she said,”and if you had sent the message a couple of hours later, that would have happened.” “So what do we do now?, I asked. “If you want another 15 days you will have to give us another $300 pesos.” I asked her if there was another way out of it as my account clearly shows I used none of the new time before it expired. She said the rules were the rules and they did the proper thing. I gave her my “whiny” look and she said there was one possibility. She could talk to her supervisor after the store closed and ask if an exception could be made for me. She said she would call me before noon tomorrow with an answer. The problem is, there is no cell service here at the RV park! We will have to go downtown for lunch and await the call. MEXICO!!!!

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