Thursday, March 25, 2010


Matahuala is a conveniently located town on Highway 57. It has huge arches over the road into and out of the town. These arches are very reminiscent of the fast food chain's arches and predate the fast food chain. Perhaps the city should sue the fast food chain for patent infringement! ;) Matahuala is a good place to park the RV while visiting Real de Catorce, which we did last year. The Las Palmas Midway Hotel & RV Park is a nice, spotlessly clean park with good electricity and excellent water pressure. There was a slight delay getting is as one of the dumber hotel guests from Georgia, USA had parked his cargo trailer right in the middle of the entrance for big rigs. The other entrance has only 10.5 feet of clearance so anything bigger than a camper has to use the second entrance. They could not find the owner so Norma and I helped one of the staff members push the trailer out of the way.

The RV park is paved with crushed volcanic stone and was deserted except for us and a couple of parked vehicles from the hotel. This allowed us to pull in longways and not have to unhook and back in. Very convenient! We had showers in the spotless shower rooms with all the hot water we needed. We enjoyed our stay and the park is well worth the $271 peso charge.

We had dinner in their white linen tablecloth restaurant with tuxedo clad waiters. It was a very nice dinner and saved us the hassle of going into town. There were only three tables of guests, all Canadians and the soccer (football) game was on the big screen TV with Mexico playing Iceland. The waiters were trying to watch the game without looking like they were watching. The game was scoreless into the second half and as we were paying up, I started the chant, “Meh-Hee-Ko, Meh-Hee-Ko!” and it was picked up by all the staff and some of the diners. Mexicans love their football!

Matahuala is just north of the Tropic of Cancer and it is a very short drive back on Hwy 57 to see the monument. I always hate to see when I am passing the Tropic as it is the signal that the party is almost over and we are on our way home.

It was hot when we checked in!


Looking one way:


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