Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainbow RV Park - Merida

The Rainbow has changed a bit since last year. Many new sites have been added but sadly, infrastructure has not improved. Every four sites still share a single 15 amp breaker so even if you are by yourself in that group of four you cannot run the air conditioner, even on low. We ran the fan and when we tried to heat coffee in the microwave at the same time, the breaker tripped so I doubt the breaker is even delivering it’s rated 15 amps.

The park was almost empty while we were there with a MH with two Swiss couples were there for a couple of days and when we left there were three other rigs, all from Canada. The pool was empty and showed no signs of recent use. The park is under new management and there is someone living on site and the rate is still $250 pesos per night. There is little shade and Merida can be HOT, especially without air conditioning!

I am sure the only thing that keeps it open is the fact that it is the only park near Merida, one of the cities that cannot be missed!

park1 park3 park2

Across the street is a Liverpool Shopping Center. Liverpool is a high end department store. Very few regular working Mexicans will be found there as it is mostly used by wealthy Mexicans and ex-pats although the ex-pats we know do not shop there either.

We walked over a couple of times, once for dinner at Chilies Restaurant and once so Norma could buy a new bathing suit and some English magazines at Liverpool. In the middle of the mall is one thing seldom seen in Mexico. A skating rink!



And a 12 screen theatre!


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  1. The Rainbow RV parking lot in Merida isn't worth any more than 100 pesos per night. And only then because its on a bus route to downtown. No way would I pay 250. An alternative is to park down the road at the conference center. We asked security there if we could park for free, and they said it was no problem.