Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We picked our month’s worth of laundry up yesterday morning. Everything was spotless as usual. The pasta sauce stains were off my new shirt, in fact all the stains were gone off everything! All 22 kilos of laundry was perfectly folded and wrapped in easy to handle sized, clear plastic bags. These bags made a pile about three feet high. $220 pesos ($10 pesos or $.90 CAN per kilo) paid in advance and I gave her a $30 peso tip when we picked it up. It was 90 outside and probably well over 100 inside the laundry. The two of them were smiling and content. I am sure we pay a little (maybe a lot) more than a Mexican would if they came in with the same load but for us it is very cheap and worth every peso.

There are few, if any traditional coin operated Laundromats in Mexico. Some RVs have their own laundry but to get a washer and dryer in, you have to give up something else and to us, we would rather not make that tradeoff. Other people do their own laundry in buckets and hang it on makeshift lines outside. This too is too much of a bother and too time consuming for us. We have better things to do and we certainly do not mind helping a hard working Mexican family earn a living. Twenty bucks for a month’s worth of laundry is a bargain!


  1. I did not bring enough undies with me to Mexico to last a month...

  2. Yes, well.... I can make mine last that long (don't ask) and Norma washes a couple of things in the sink along the way...