Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Telcel Comes Through!

The nice lady at Telcel must have successfully convinced her boss that I was too stupid to follow the instructions properly to initiate the 3G Internet service. We went downtown to drop off a month’s worth of laundry ($220 pesos for 22 KG of laundry! Cheap!). We then had lunch at a little waterfront restaurant while we waited for the phone call to tell me how her meeting with the boss went. The call did not come so I thought I would try to use the card anyway and it worked! I have 15 days of service that will see us out of the country. Here is the lavanderia where we dropped off the laundry:


This is just another example of how easy it is to start up a business in Mexico if you are not afraid of (hot, sweaty and long hours of)work. Their equipment consists of three non matching sets of used washers and dryers, a scale to weigh the laundry on, a sheet of painted plywood for a folding table and a calculator. It is run by a couple who appear to be husband and wife. They will never get rich but they will earn a living and buy lots of tortillas for their kids!

Today we will try out the new infinity pool here at Club Nautica and go into town for dinner later. They say Campeche sunsets are spectacular…

Here is lunch! Nice hat, eh?  (it is on loan from the waiter.




Crab and shrimp salad to share, free ceviche:


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