Friday, March 12, 2010

Traffic Jams

Merida is a large city of 800,000. Many of these people work in the downtown area and the tradition in Mexico is to take two hour lunch breaks. This means most people go home for lunch and this means four traffic jams per day! People like us have to learn to pick out times to hit the road to avoid these times.

This is irrelevant for us right now because we have no car! It is in the body shop until Saturday afternoon. Jonna and Mimi offered the use of their pickup but we turned their generous offer down. We are stocked up on groceries and there is a huge mall across the street if we really get bored. In fact we walked over there last night for dinner at Chilies Restaurant.

Norma is under the weather after waking up at three with stomach problems. She is finally back to sleep now at nine. We had been invited out to a local artist's showing tonight by Jonna and Mimi but had to cancel. We have each gone through one of these stomach bouts this winter now. It is just one of those things we expect to have to deal with. At least it is only once a year.

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