Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mexican Body Work

Jonna picked me at about 1:00 up to take me over to the body shop. He had told me it would be ready at noon and it was! We had a quick look at the repairs and everything looked good. We went into the office to talk to Miguel. His estimate was $1900 pesos and that was what he charged me. No muss, no fuss.

When I got the car back to the RV park, I had a close look in the sun and again in the shade. The repair was smooth and a magnet stuck everywhere indicating he actually pounded the metal out and used very little body filler. The paint match was perfect. Red is the hardest colour to match and 23 year old paint is worse. I am very happy with this job and can highly recommend Miguel.

They are:

Talleres Las Americas Hojalateria Y Pintura

Miguel Tajardo Ramirez

Calle 16 No. 197-A x 17

999 185 3681

Before and after:

honda before honda after

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