Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Left Merida

We got up fairly early this morning and started packing to leave. Norma has not been feeling great the last couple of days so we were prepared to stay another day if she needed it but she was OK so we left.

We did not get to do many of the things we wanted to do and see so we will be back next year for sure. We got to say “Goodbye” to Jonna when she drove me to pick up the car but Mimi was at home supervising the workers in the garden. So… bye Mimi and thank you so much for everything! We really enjoyed ourselves during our stay and look forward to next time.

These women are such a lot of fun there is rarely a dull moment when they are around. If you have not checked out their Blog, do so. I will update this post with a link when I get online so drop back to get it. Link to Jonna & Mimi's Blog.

We headed out on MX 180 toward the old seaport of Campeche, passing through rural countryside. Three hours later we hit the Campeche bypass and follower it to the Club Nautica RV Park. This is a classy place with ocean, a new pool, 30 amp power (yes 30 amp!) and WIFI in the clubhouse. We are back to WIFI as there is no cell signal out here. There was another problem with the Telcel 3G which I will explain in a separate post.

I set up the tripod and mounted the StarChoice dish. I got the rough coordinates from a file in the computer and as Norma watched the signal, I swung the dish to start the fine tuning process. I started with it pointed almost due East and swung it to the South. Suddenly Norma yelled, “Stop! Go back a bit, it was 36!”. I moved it back a little and there was the satellite! I locked it down and the signal dropped to 28 but that is very good and not worth trying to get it any better. Total setup time, about ten seconds! This is a Personal Best!

Now I will walk over to send the Blog and we can check out the pool for tomorrow. We will spend three days here as we have a ton of laundry to get done and Campeche is known for it’s seafood restaurants so we have to try out a couple!

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