Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Is It About Me?

Do I have a big "M" tattooed on my forehead? Do I look like a stupid, rich Gringo?

Today we got off the ferry from Isla Mujeres and jumped into a cab to get back to the RV park. It is only a few blocks away from the park but we decided not to take the car and leave it parked on a side street for two days. Instead we hitched a ride to the ferry with the RV park manager and planned on taking a cab back.

"They" say you should always negotiate the cab fare before you get in. We used to do this but as we got more used to hiring cabs, we stopped doing this. Cabs are always very cheap and we have never been cheated.

Today we rode the short distance to the RV park, got out and I asked him how much we owed him. I was prepared to give him thirty pesos. This would be the absolute highest charge for the distance we traveled and would include a very generous tip. The guy looked at me and said, "ten US dollars"! This is outrageous and I told him "No, I am not paying ten US dollars! I am not some stupid gringo. You are cheating us!" He immediately slammed the trunk closed, trapping our luggage inside. He said that was the charge and that he was a "special" taxi. I looked around for the Mexican park manager to help talk some sense into him but he was not around. It was a Mexican standoff and I was not the Mexican.

There was no easy way out of this so I handed him $100 pesos, about $8 USA and told him to give us our bags. He took the money, gave us our bags and as we walked away, I told him, "You are a thief! Have a good day". He gave us a dirty look and drove away. Drama over.

EDIT: I just asked the RV park manager what the cab fare from the ferry terminal is and he answered, "Twenty pesos". I was right in my estimate, thirty would have been very generous. Ten USA dollars is $125 pesos. He was a thief!

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  1. We have been there with the gringo price situation - grrr.

    Invariably the one time you forget the process and hire the service or buy the goods without checking first you get stung!

    Of course if you were a foreigner in Manhattan or Montreal those cabbies wouldn't cheat. No not much (sarcasm here)