Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Passes!!!

Americans now have Health Care! Well, a watered down crappy version of it thanks the the Republicans. Thirty-three Democrats also voted against it. If I was Obama, these turncoats would be easy to identify from the imprint of my boot in their asses!

Anyway, something is better than nothing and it can now be tweaked to make it better! Congratulations to my American friends!!

EDIT: Just a comment after reading the comments to this post. Yes, it is hard to get a doctor in Canada but once you have him, he is yours for life. My advice is to call all the offices and ask if a new doctor is starting out. They are always looking for patients and this method has worked for us in every new town.

Norma's 28 year old hip guy is supposedly the best in Canada and he works three part days a week. He decided how much money he needs to live the way he wants and decided that is the number of hours he has to put in. The rest of the time he kayaks, hikes, swims, travels and writes articles for medical journals. If he had decided to put in all the hours he could come up with patients to fill he would be working 14 - 18 hours a day, seven days a week and he would be dead in a few years. He bills Canada's Medicare system and charges nothing extra and like I say, is reputed to be the best "hip man" in Canada. Her bout of skin cancer thirty years ago was treated quickly and permanently as well.

Canada's medical system has worked very well for us and I would argue that it is not broken. I have gone through a shattered ankle near the Alaska border and got a free Lear Jet ride to Vancouver where they fixed it (also for free). I had kidney failure twenty five years ago and it was fixed quickly and professionally. We have never been put on a waiting list, we have gotten immediate attention quickly every time we needed it. We never had to pay a nickle for any of the above.

Others may have different results and I don't question them. I just know for us, the system works.


  1. I wonder if there is such thing as a working socialist-style health care system. Our system is here is just as broken.

    I have a friend in the States who appreciates this irony as much as I do: I can afford a doctor, but can't find one. She can find a doctor, but can't afford it.

  2. Awesome for the americans, it's a good first step for sure.
    Nothing could be as bad as where they were!

    I'm with Rae, we had a hard time "getting" a regular doctor here too (no one takes new patients!) but the Health care in Alberta is free, so I'll take that for now!!

  3. Thank you for being so support of us have-not's. This has got to be better than the nothing at all we have now.

  4. It is interesting that those who protested the change the most were the ones most likely to have platinum coverage provided by the tax payer.
    If they didn't want a socialistic health care, they should first have forfeited their coverage. Then their argument would have held water.