Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Club Nautica

Club Nautica is a private membership park with an RV park. It is in a beautiful setting with 30 amp power, an infinity pool, saunas, restaurant and clubhouse with Internet. The RV park is great, but like RV parks all over Mexico this year, almost empty. Out of about 30 spaces, four are occupied, one with a stored unit.

park1 park2 park3 park4


  1. Nice rv park. Too bad it is so empty but it will pick up again. Enjoy your stay, wish I was there.

  2. I wonder if the RV parks are empty because of all the press going crazy over the shootings, more on that today from Juarez and Acapulco. seems there was an american couple shot today. Might be a deterrent for some people I guess?
    That and the recession?
    Who knows. nice pictures though. looks like a great place to stay!

  3. Beautiful!!!

    LL xo