Wednesday, March 24, 2010

San Luis Potosi

The RV park is about 25 KM from the Centro so a taxi all the way was out of the question. Instead we drove the Honda to the Bodega Aurrera (Mexican WalMart) just inside the city limits and hailed a cab from there. It was good we drove no further because very quickly the lines on the road disappeared which gave drivers the go ahead to determine for themselves how many traffic lanes there are. Nissan cabs are very narrow and can fit three or four abreast into two traffic lanes and this is what they do while careening along unmarked streets at speeds reaching 100 KMH.

It is a nerve wracking ride every time in San Luis Potosi but the Centro is worth it. We got there about 4:00 and walked around before finding the same restaurant we dined in two years ago. It was a great dinner and soon after we found another taxi to take us back to the Honda. The fare was $40 pesos each way and I gave them $50, the extra being for not killing us on the way. We bought a few groceries that we needed and maneuvered through the tope minefield back to the highway and the RV park. We got back just as it was turning dark. Perfect timing!

Plaza de Armas:


The Cathedral. One spire is about a Century newer than the other. Can you tell which is the newer? You are probably wrong. The spire on the left is the newest. Good copy but inferior material:


Political Protest:



Friendly locals practicing their English:


And most important – Kids!!


This just might be the cheapest hotel room in Mexico - $9 USA per night! It was on the periferico on the way out of town:

$100 hotel

Map picture

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