Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dinner And Car Repairs

Last night we went for a nice Italian dinner with Jonna and Mimi. The food was great, the conversation enlightening and the drinks were two for one. What could be better?

We still had the body damage to the Honda from the altercation in Playa del Carmen to deal with. Both drivers side doors are pushed in a little but there is no structural damage. Jonna took us to her mechanic to see what he thought about it. He sent us to his friend Miguel Tajardo Ramirez and his Las Americas Hojalateria y Pintura (Metal & Paint) Shop. This morning I followed Jonna to Miguel's where he inspected the damage and set about writing an estimate. The estimate was for one hour body work and two hours painting. Total price? $1900 pesos plus tax, total. This is about $150 CAN! It is what you would call a deal and he can start work right now. We left the car there Thursday noon and it will be ready to be picked up Saturday noon. He said to bring it back in two weeks and he would polish the paint. I said that would be impossible as we would be gone then but that I would come back next year and maybe get him to repaint the whole car. He said he would give me a good deal.

The "body shop" is all outdoors with no paint booth. Hey, it's Mexico! How much would this cost me back in Canada? Probably more than the car is worth.

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