Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting Ready To Leave Mexico

There are tears in my eyes as I say this! We are starting the process of eliminating things we cannot take back into the USA like eggs, bacon, fruit….. Norma is making up a care package to give the gardener here who has been very friendly.

We will head for the border tomorrow morning fairly early (unless we put it off one more day). We have picked Columbia, just west of Laredo, TX to cross as there is less narco activity in this area right now. Border areas are generally places you want to get through early and quickly while the bad guys are still in bed. It is a smooth run on toll roads most of the way and it is an easy process to cross there. This is where we crossed last year.

We will stay near Laredo, TX for a couple of nights so we can walk back across the border and buy new glasses. If you buy them in Mexico proper, you have to wait a few days to pick them up. On the border they are ready in a few hours. I don’t like spending too much time in Nuevo Laredo, MX but we will cross early in the morning and be back early in the afternoon.

A large caravan from Quebec is moving into the park right now. This morning a hotel employee came to the door and told us we would have to leave because the caravan needed all the spaces. We told her we were paid for another day and there was no way we were leaving. There are 14 spaces available and 17 units in the caravan so it will be fun watching them park. I will try to post photos later. They are from the same PQCC camping club that we have had all the previous problems with. This time we will not be pushed around.

Having said that, a trailer was just trying to back in beside us and they were starting to move our StarChoice dish! Norma quickly ran out and told them to leave it alone. They pulled out and parked somewhere else and a nice couple in a small motorhome pulled in beside us. Much nicer.

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