Wednesday, March 24, 2010

El Faro De Peter RV Park

The RV park just west of San Louis Potosi is called “Peter’s Lighthouse". I don’t know who Peter is but the RV park is nothing for him to be proud of! It is not easy to find even when you do get onto the right street. The only sign is on the gate and if the gate is open as it was yesterday, you can drive right past like we did. The road goes to the lakeside and soon becomes a narrow local road with no possible place to turn the rig around. We had to unload the car, unhook the dolly and turn the motorhome around in the narrow road. I have only had to do this maybe three or four times before and it is always harder when I am yelling every word I know that begins with an “F” or “S”.

We finally found the park and pulled in. It was deserted except for two RV’s in long term storage and a few used trucks with no plates. Peter, the Mexican owner came out to see us and told us to take any place we wanted. We found one with hookups close by and backed in. When I got out to hook up I saw the ground was covered with the feces of some kind of large animal, maybe goats or sheep as they are used as lawn mowers a lot here. Anyway, it was hard to step anywhere without landing in some. The Church's guide says there is a restaurant and boat rentals. Ha! Forget it, there is neither! There was not even any running water until morning when it came out of the pipe in a trickle.

Norma went to the office to pay and was told “Twenty US Dollars”, to which she said, “No US dollars! Pesos!”. He then changed the price to $250 pesos which is the wrong exchange rate by a mile. He said we were Americans and he gives a discount to Americans. Well that was waving the red flag in front of the bull! “No! We are not Americans! We are Canadians! We do not carry US dollars!”. Well, it did no good, $250 was the price and that was that. Take it or leave it (or come up with USA cash).

She came back after I had everything hooked up and we turned the A/C on. As soon as we did everything went dark and Peter came over to tell us we had blown the entire park’s electrical supply! I went with him while he replaced the "fuse" which was a piece of salvaged 22 gauge telephone wire wrapped around the main fuse holder posts and we were back in business. We had spent the last two nights in Pemex stations listening to big rig trucks pull in and out all night so we both needed a good sleep and since this place was far off the highway we were looking for a peaceful night’s rest. Well, no one told the neighbor who played the same record over and over at full volume until 1:00 am or the local dogs who barked until sunrise! I love Mexico but sometimes……

The park actually has a lighthouse:


But not much else:



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  1. Sounds dreadful! All part of the "rich pageantry", huh. Aside from this stretch, it sounds like you are having fun though.