Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MecoLoco RV Park, Cancun

This is the only RV park in or near Cancun. It is about ten KM from town, run by a very friendly English speaking Mexican. Water pressure is good (for Mexico) and electricity seems good. It looks like there has been a lot of rewiring recently with the new wires laying on the ground. I would recoil in horror if I saw this in Canada or the USA but here, "it works, doesn’t it?" Price is $300 pesos a night and we got a discount as returning customers. There is free WIFI but it is not working at the moment. Maybe tomorrow...

mecaloco1 mecaloco2

mecaloco3 mecaloco4

Some Mayan ruins right on the site:


Map picture


  1. Hi! Can you please give me a contact of the host? Many thanks

  2. Here is contact information from Mike and Terri Church. Some people in the office did speak English. Good luck, it is the only RV park near Cancun.

  3. Sorry, that info came from Bill and Dorothy Bell

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