Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Pottery Shop

We passed a roadside stand selling copper, pottery and strawberries on highway 57D near San Miguel de Allende today. We both had a craving for strawberries and whipped cream so we pulled over. We ordered a half liter container to share and they were delicious!

While we were eating we wandered next door to the pottery shop to browse. I had intended to buy a tacky parrot this year to keep the one I bought in Cancun last year company but never found one, or at least never noticed one. What do you know - this shop had a dandy! He will look great hanging from the pergola. They also had a frog wall climber that caught my eye so we grabbed it and the woman running the shop came up with a matching iguana. Perfect.

Continuing along the row of shops we found a very friendly Mexican running another pottery shop. He had a big shining sun with a smiling face on it that will look great on the garden shed. We had to have it! His opening was $150 pesos and our counter was $120. We ended up paying $140 so his price must have been pretty close to cost. You can tell. The asking price for the parrot was $190, the frog was $50 and the iguana, $40. That totaled $280 and she would not accept less than $230 pesos. No half price deals today but we were still happy with the purchases. Now to get them home in one piece!

A funny story about the guy we bought the smiling face in the sun from. It was warm today. Not as hot as we were used to on the Yucatan but warm, probably around 24 C. This guy was wearing the same jacket I used to wear when I worked near the Alaska border in the winter! I laughed and pointed to my shorts and t-shirt while touching his jacket with the other hand. He grinned back and told me that even with the jacket, he was freezing! He said that for right now, here, it is very cold! I made a fanning motion with my hand and we both had a good laugh.

It was only after we were back on the road that I realized I had taken no photos! Sorry.


  1. Then my dear Sir, it is your obligatory duty to at least shoot the purchases of the day to share that portion, at least, of the stop. :-)

  2. Is that the parrot that's in the workshop that attacked me one day while I was moving a very tall piece of plywood around? The parrot's fine, but I just about had a heart attack.

  3. Jeez Rae, be good to my parrot! Tell him he has a buddy on the way. It may even be a female!

  4. Photos will have to wait until we get home. Everything is wrapped so well....