Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Love Mayans

I really do! They have a attitude towards life that is hard to find elsewhere. They are always smiling. We stopped at a roadside stand where we bought a beautiful tablecloth last year but gave away during the summer. It had to be replaced and what better place to buy another! We had a list of four things we wanted to shop for and this shop had three of them. We asked the prices and she gave us her opening bid. We countered with a ridiculously low counter offer and the game was on!

We bought all three items for quite a bit less than her opening price but as usual, everyone walked away happy. She was a tiny woman but a tough bargainer. After we finished and she was wrapping the goods she told us she had three children, all in university. She held up the money we had paid her and told us it was for their studies. This was all done with neither of us understanding the others language very well. As we were leaving town we drove past her shop and she gave us a big wave. We were possibly her biggest sale of the day.

It was still fairly early and I had no huge desire to walk through the Chichen Itza ruins again this year so we continued on to Merida. We found the Rainbow RV Park where we stayed last year and like last year, the power is terrible. The air conditioner trips the breaker, even on low, and no two things can be run together. This means the coffee maker and the microwave together will trip it. It is very frustrating!

StarChoice setup was easier than usual and we had a good signal of 30 within a few minutes.

Today we will try to contact Jonna and Mimi and make plans to meet them. It is suposed to get up to 40 degrees today which will be lovely without air conditioning!

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