Friday, March 5, 2010

Gone To Isla

This morning we caught a ride with the RV park manager to the ferry and are now on Isla Mujeres. We booked into the Hotel Carmelina, a nice little hotel a block from the beach that was recommended by fellow Blogger Wayne of "Gringo In Paradise". It is very nice, clean and central for a reasonable $500 pesos a night. Very friendly and very Mexican.

We walked around he town today ending up in a little street side bar that was offering two for one drinks and now I am back in the room while Norma is getting a pedicure down the street. After a shower we will seek out a place for dinner.

Tomorrow morning we hope to meet Wayne for breakfast. Wayne initiated the "Warm Hands / Warm Hearts" program supplying mittens, scarves and toys at Christmas for the poor kids of a small puebla in the mountains near Veracruz. He has worked with John Calypso of the Blog "Viva Veracruz" for several years on this program and between them have put smiles on the faces of hundreds of kids who, if not for Wayne, John and their generous supporters, would get nothing for Christmas. I will have more information on the Blog later in the year on how we can help. A small donation buys a lot of mittens in Mexico and if you have ever seen a smile on a Mexican child's face you will agree it is all worthwhile! In these cold mountain regions of Mexico a pair of mittens is much more appreciated by a child than the latest Wii is by Canadian or American kids.

In the meantime, it is time for my shower and dinner. I am thinking grilled tuna....

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  1. Croft - Cool about meeting Wayne - He is a GREAT guy! Checkout that new leg tattoo ;-)